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Why Choose Karnz.com

Service location

Investors and our customers in the Middle East and Iran can benefit from the services of this external exchanger.

Commitment and evaluation

The Karnz's commitment to us is the amount of 1,000,000 NZD plus 1,000,000 O&P shares. The number of shares is to evaluate and ensure the provision of services.

Fast response

Karnz is very convenient and fast response. Speed in customer support is important to us.

Long-term recognition

Karnz is aware of our financial and operating systems. Thanks to their long-term investment with us, this recognition is more than three years now.

The effective communication

Karnz uses several methods of communication with customers. We are ensure that our customers in the Middle East and especially Iran will be satisfied of these communication services.

Fair rates

karnz has a very fair rates for the conversion of shares. Our investors in Iran will be happy with lower rates certainly.

Communication with Karnz

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So what are you waiting for?!

If you are already one of our investors in Iran or Middle East, visit the Karnz Website now.

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